149th Armor Regiment 
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If you have served in the 1-149 Armor Battalion you should be aware that the 149th Armor Regiment has sponsored a $500 Scholarship.  If you have a Great-grandchild, grandchild or child who will be graduating from high school in 2018 they are eligible to apply.

 They should send a request to 149.scholarship@gmail.com  or telephone CSM (Ret) Gary Johnson at (559) 363-3884 for a copy of the Statement of Purpose and Guidelines, as well as the Student Applicant Questionnaire.  Deadline for submission is 01 March 2018.

This scholarship is being funded from a donation to the Regiment from the family of SSG Norman Rose, one of the Bataan Survivors and a long time friend of the Regiment.

“Men and Steel”


COL (Ret.) Arthur Nichols

Honorary Colonel of the Regiment


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