149th Armor Regiment 
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Meeting Minutes/Newsletter

Minutes of meeting, 20 January 2018

A Brief Note:

When we arrived at the armory for this meeting the parking lot was empty and buildings dark although they were scheduled to drill on this day.  It was learned subsequently that the drill had been cancelled as of late Friday night due to the government “shut down”; not a uniform in sight.  A very effective notification system! Not to be deterred, we crossed the street and held our meeting in a sunny parking area sheltered from the wind.  Standing room only. The setting was much like holding a e briefing in the field while training at Camp Roberts or FHL in years past.  It was a fine meeting; well attended, productive and relatively short.

  1. Members Present: Art Nichols. Charles Newport, Natividad, Jr. Osuna, Gary Johnson, Bruce Mehringer, Mark Sharron, Richard Mayeda, Michael McIntosh, Carlos Lopez, Jr., Paul Seguil, Felipe Davila, Emilio Trinidad, Felix Charofuros, Steve Thompson, Julian Garcia, Clifford Pitchford and Cesar Bjorn.
    1. The meeting was called to order at 1300 hrs; the Pledge was conducted and Roll Call taken; seventeen members present.
    2. Minutes of 18 November meeting were read and approved.
    3. Health and Welfare:  McIntosh reported that Johnny Garrett is undergoing severe cancer treatment. Our good wishes go out to him.
    4. Membership reported at 101 members.  Three have been dropped because of unpaid dues.  There are two new members: SFC (Ret) Paul Seguil and SFC (Ret) Emilio Trinidad.
    5. Treasurer’s Report: No Change. Change of signatures will take place prior to the 17 March meeting.
    6. Scholarship Committee: No applications received to date.  The program was briefly explained for the benefit of new members.
    7. Order of St. Joan d’Arc. Gary Johnson has the applications completed for review by the HRC.  He also pointed out that the U.S. Cavalry and Armor Association have other types of awards recognizing contributions to the community. (That is, the Cavalry and Armor Community) Presentation is anticipated to be at the BBQ/ Reunion, 4 August 2018.

  1. Scott’s Ranch outing:  Newport reported having conversed with Wayne Scott and setting 4-5-6 May 2018 for the event.  The opportunities and activities were briefly described for the membership.  Participation is encouraged, whether you are a gun enthusiast or not.  Maps will be available at the March 17th meeting.
  2. The M5 Tank at Garden of Memories.  Gary Johnson reports securing four more documents on the maintenance issue.  The binder of documents was handed off to Mike McIntosh to review. Current position of the Regiment is to research, observe and report on the upkeep or lack there of.
  3.  Next Meeting 17 March 2018, this location, 1300 hours.


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