149th Armor Regiment 
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Meeting Minutes/Newsletter

149th Armor Regiment

Minutes of Meeting

 20 May 2017


Members present: Michael McIntosh, Clifford Pitchford, Steve Thompson, Gary Johnson, Art Nichols, Vern Snodderly, Chuck Newport and David Bently.

  1.  Meeting called to order at 1305hrs; the Pledge of Allegiance conducted and Roll Call conducted (Sign in Sheet).
  2. Minutes of the 18 March meeting were read and approved. 
  3. Agenda was approved as printed.
  4. Health and welfare: The Celebration of Life for Col. Tom Candlen who died 23April was announced: The event will be held on 17 Jun 2017 at Paines Restaurant, 415 East Street. Hollister, CA., beginning at 1200hrs.
  5. Membership report: 73 Life, 7 Honorary, 24 Annual, Total of 104. Mike McIntosh indicated he would be contacting annual members who are in arrears in their dues and purging the roster where necessary.
  6. Treasurer’s report: Reg. Savings $25.89; Special Savings $9016.47 and Checking $3,158.00.  Steve Thompson presented copies of the regiment’s tax report for the year.
  7. Scott’s Ranch Outing (After action) .  It was agreed that all in attendance had a good time and had lots of opportunity on the range.  Attendees were more than willing to bring up  basic provisions for meals and the “contribution jar” spoke loudly of the good time and generosity of the participants.
  8. Support of the 340th’s Family Day event on 10 June 2017.  This event replaces the Holiday event last December, which was rescheduled due to  reorganization of units.   Past practices were reviewed.  SFC Bently described the event and the needs.  It was moved and approved to support securing of food stuffs for the event with a contribution of $300. 
  9. Painting of the Tank at the Garden of Memories (GOM).  Steve Thompson reported that a long time friend has volunteered to remove the tank for sand blasting and repainting in his repair shop.  An associate has volunteered to move and return the tank to the GOM.  It was initially estimated that the total cost would run about $200.  It was approved to allow up to $400 for this project. A letter will be sent to the GOM operators, letting them know our intent to move the tank for painting.  Steve will endeavor to have the benefactor at the July meeting to discuss details.
  10. Scholarship Committee.  CSM Johnson volunteered to be the POC until a replacement can be found.  It was generally agreed that distribution of information about this opportunity needs to be more effective. He and Vern Snodderly believed a link on on the regiment’s web page could be linked the scholarship paper work. Vern stressed the need to “start early”. He also introduced the idea of modifying the criteria of candidates. This matter will be put on a future agenda.
  11. Streamers.  Mike reported that he had found a web site that could supply streamers. SFC Bently will check on the new log support system which may allow ordering through military channels.
  12. CSM Clark’s Retirement. There was not clear agreement on a gift.  However, it was stressed that being in attendance was at least of equal importance.  No one had seen an announcement.
  13. Signage. SFC Bently reports that a formal purchase request has gone to the Area Facilities Office.
  14. Regimental Heritage display at Division HQ.  The framed and captioned photos to be included in the display were laid out for viewing. There are 12 8x10 photos of major unit events/ periods from 1895 to 2004 and six 5z7 from WWII (3) and civil disorders (3). These will be installed in the new 40th Division HQ building.
  15. BBQ and Reunion, 5Aug2017.  The 340th has been alerted to our planning of the event.  We will keep SFC Bently informed as we move forward.
  16. Next meeting: 1300 hours, this location, 15 July 2017.
  17. Meeting adjourned 1425 hrs by HCR Nichols.


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