149th Armor Regiment 
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Meeting Minutes/Newsletter



Present: Dan Baptista, Clifford Pitchford, Michael McIntosh, Steve Thompson, Ray V. Ortiz, James McNulty, Natividad Osuna Jr., Paul Saguil, Emilio S. Trinidad, Richard Mayeda, Mark Sharron, Bruce Mehringer, Bill Clark, Felix Charfauros, and Charles Newport.

  1. The meeting was called to order at 1305 hours.  Pledge of  Allegiance was conducted and the sign-in sheet passed. It was noted that complications in the flight plans of Gary Johnson (HRSM) resulted in his absence.  The HCR, Art Nichols is also out of town.
  2. The Minutes of the 20 January 2018 were read and approved.
  3. Health and welfare:  McIntosh volunteered to check into the status of John Garret, who several folks ask about.
  4. Membership Report: Currently at 101.  Ray Ortiz is the latest new member.
  5. Treasurer’s Report: $3387.81 in Checking; $25.89 in Savings; $9,017 in special Checking. No claims or donations.  Out-going Treasurer Steve Thompson, new Treasurer Richard Mayeda, Mike McIntosh and Charles Newport met at 1200 hrs today before this  meeting to sign the necessary paperwork at the Credit Union.
  6. Plans for presentation of the Order of St. Joan.  HRSM Johnson has received the awards from the Cav and Armor Assoc. The contributions of the recipients were reviewed for those present.  Two presentations are planned to be on 4 August 2018 at the BBQ and reunion.  The award to Normandy Rose will be coordinated since she lives out of state.  The HRSM will make that coordination.
  7. Scott’s Ranch Weekend:  McIntosh passed out a flyer for the event which included a map to the ranch.  Members who have not attended were given a brief description of the facilities and activities and urged to attend.  Participants should contact Newport (831-438-3374) regarding the number in your party and establish what victuals to bring.  Always a great weekend.
  8. The annual BBQ and Reunion is planned for this location, the Fourth of August 2018.
  9. The Scholarship.  Bruce Mehringer moved that the amount of the award be changed from $500. to $1000. The motion as seconded by Osuna.  Discussion followed. The motion carried.  Other revisions were discussed without action.  Mehringer will secure a copy of the existing program and bring additional proposals to the next meting.
  10. Next meeting: 19 May 2018, 1300 hrs, this location.
  11. Meeting adjourned at 1346 hrs.



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