149th Armor Regiment 
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Meeting Minutes/Newsletter

Minutes of meeting, 15 July 2017

Members present: Jim Adamitz, Mike McIntosh, Gary Johnson,

Art Nichols, Bill Gledhill, Chuck Newport, Cliff Pitchford and Vern Snodderly.

  1.  Meeting was called to order at 1305; Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call conducted (sign -in).Health and welfare-Ken Jeffreys to attend BBQ in August
  2. Life members: 8o, Annual members: 18.
  3. Treasurer’ Report: Savings $25.89; Checking $2890.99; Special $9016.77.  A question was raised concerning the validity of Tax Free status of the Regiment and associated individual SSNs. (NOTE:A telephonic check with the IRS on the following business day confirmed the validity of the Tax Exempt status and the operating address (Steve’s home address).
  4. Selection of officers. Moved and seconded to maintain current officers (HCR, HSMOR, HAR and Treasurer) for next three-year term. Motion passes.
  5. Scholarship Committee:  Gary Johnson introduced proposed changes to the program.  A discussion followed; no action taken. The late applications of three graduates will be considered for the last school year (2016-2017) .
  6. Art Nichols and Chuck Newport reported on the installation the Regimental Heritage Display at Division HQ’s.  The display was delivered to the Chief of Staff and will be installed on the second floor of the new Division HQs building. (Since this meeting a photo of the installed display has been received and will be circulated at the September meeting).
  7. BBQ and Reunion, 5 August.  Mike McIntosh restated the RSVP date of 29 July.  He expected attendance to be about 50.
  8. Painting/ Cleaning of the M5 Tank at GOM.  Research indicates the responsibility lies with the City of Salinas.
  9.  Veterans’ Driver License.  Veterans can have “VETERAN” placed on their license for a small fee at renewal.
  10. Next meeting: 16 September 2017, 1300 hrs, this location.

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