Welcome to 149th Armor Regiment

Welcome to 149th Armor Regiment

Welcome to 149th Armor RegimentWelcome to 149th Armor RegimentWelcome to 149th Armor Regiment

149th Armor Scholarship


Scholarship Information

The Regiment has established a scholarship opportunity for the children, grand children or great grand children of former members of the 149th Armor
Battalion.  Email 149.scholarship@gmail.com for information. Application is due March 1, 2020.



If you have served in the 1-149 Armor Battalion you should be aware that the 149th Armor Regiment has sponsored a $500 Scholarship.  If you have a great-grandchild, grandchild or child who will be graduating from high school or attending advanced studies in 2019 you are eligible to apply.

They should send a request to csme9glj@gmail.com or telephone CSM Gary L Johnson USA (R) at (559) 363-3884 for a copy of the Statement of Purpose and Guidelines, as well as the Student Application.  Deadline for submission is 5 pm. Saturday 7 March 2020.

This scholarship is being funded from a donation to the Regiment from the family of SSG Norman Rose, one of the Bataan Survivors and a longtime friend of the Regiment.

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