About the 149th Regiment


About the 149th Armor Regiment

“The Regiment” is a fraternal organization open to all former members of the 1-149th Armor Battalion*. Life members pay a onetime dues based on their age. Annual members pay $10 per year. The Regiment is established under Army Regulations and the officers are appointed by the Adjutant General of California (based upon recommendations from the Regimental membership). The purpose of the Regiment is to maintain the traditions and history of the unit and to contribute to the esprit de corps of the unit and the California Army National Guard.

Because potential members are spread over a broad geographical area, business meeting are held on the third Saturday of every other month (Sep, Nov, Jan, Mar, May and July).  Issues are decided by the members present at the meeting. 

Meetings are held at the National Guard Armory at 140 COL Durham Street, Seaside, CA (Fort Ord). Meetings begin at 1300 hrs and generally last two hours. Minutes from the meetings are posted on the Regiment’s website (149tharmorregiment.com). The website also posts announcements, photos of members, and historical photos as well as other information. Special announcements are distributed via email for the members who maintain an email address. There is also a 149th Armor Regiment page on Face Book where less formal topics are discussed. Membership in the Regiment is not required to participate on the Face Book page. 

Activities and programs include supporting the host unit’s Family Support program with cash donations. Our scholarship program offers a scholarship to any graduating descendant of a member of the 1-149th Armor Battalion* or earlier units based in Salinas (Company C, Cavalry, Co B/145th Heavy machine Gun Company (WWI), 40th Tank Company/40th Inf Div, or C/194th Tank Battalion (WWII).

Each August the Regiment holds a BBQ for members, friends and families. In the Spring, the Regiment sponsors a “roughin’ it” weekend at a ranch in the Sierra foothills.

An embroidered jacket, sweat shirt, golf shirt and caps are available for purchase as well as Regimental crests and the 149th Heritage Poster by Jodie Harmen. 

In addition to providing moral support to ill or hospitalized members, the Regiment serves as a conduit for the exchange of information regarding veterans’ status and benefits.  Involvement of members in community activities are organized around the interest and commitment of the membership.

In summary, The Regiment seeks to maintain the camaraderie of veterans and the spirit of service that characterized the members’ service and affiliation with the California National Guard.

“Men and Steel”

*includes the 4-149th Armor-Battalion

Rev. 2June2018


149th Armor Regiment Lineage - Men and Steel

  Lineages and Honors of the California National Guard -149th Armor Regiment
Organized 5 August 1895 in the California National Guard at Salinas as Troop C, Cavalry Redesignated 1 May 1911 as Troop C, 1st Squadron of Cavalry Mustered into Federal service 26 June 1916 at Sacramento; mustered out of Federal service 17 November 1916 at Los Angeles Drafted into Federal service 5 November 1917 Reorganized and redesignated 3 October 1917 as Company B, 145th Machine Gun Battalion, an element of the 40th Division Demobilized 20 May 1919 at the Presidio of San Francisco, California Reorganized and Federally recognized 18 June 1924 in the California National Guard at Salinas as the 40th Tank Company and assigned to the 40th Division Reorganized and redesignated 1 September 1940 as Company C, 194th Tank Battalion, and relieved from assignment to the 40th Division Inducted into Federal service 10 February 1941 at Salinas Surrendered 9 April 1942 to the Japanese 14th Army in the Philippine Islands Inactivated 2 April 1946 in the Philippine Islands Expanded and redesignated 21 June 1946 as the 199th Tank Battalion Reorganized and Federally recognized 27 May 1947 with Headquarters at Salinas Reorganized and redesignated 1 February 1949 as the 149th Heavy Tank Battalion and assigned to the 49th Infantry Division Reorganized and redesignated 1 September 1950 as the 149th Tank Battalion Consolidated 1 May 1959 with the 170th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion (see ANNEX) and consolidated unit reorganized and redesignated as the 149th Armor, a parent regiment under the Combat Arms Regimental System, to consist of the 1st Medium Tank Battalion and the 2d Reconnaissance Squadron, elements of the 49th Infantry Division Reorganized 1 March 1963 to consist of the 1st and 3d Battalions, elements of the 49th Infantry Division, and the 4th Medium Tank Battalion Reorganized 1 April 1964 to consist of the 1st and 3d Battalions, elements of the 49th Infantry Division, and the 4th Battalion Reorganized 29 January 1968 to consist of the 1st Battalion Reorganized 13 January 1974 to consist of the 1st Battalion, an element of the 40th Infantry Division Withdrawn 19 January 1988 from the Combat Arms Regimental System and reorganized under the United States Army Regimental System (1st Battalion ordered into active Federal service 1 May 1992 at home stations; released 9 May 1992 from active Federal service and reverted to state control) Annex
Constituted 13 July 1946 in the California National Guard as the 118th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, Mechanized Organized and Federally recognized 8 June 1949 as the 118th Mechanized Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, with Headquarters at Red Bluff Reorganized and redesignated 15 September 1949 as the 2d Battalion, 111th Armored Cavalry Converted and redesignated 1 June 1954 as the 170th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion
Campaign Participation Credit World War I
Streamer without inscriptionWorld War II
Philippine Islands Company C (Santa Cruz), 1st Battalion, additionally entitled to:World War II
Aleutian Islands
Presidential Unit Citation (Army), Streamer embroidered DEFENSE OF THE PHILIPPINES Presidential Unit Citation (Army), Streamer embroidered LUZON 1941-1942 Presidential Unit Citation (Army), Streamer embroidered BATAAN PENINSULA Philippine Presidential Unit Citation, Streamer embroidered 7 DECEMBER 1941 TO 10 MAY 1942