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Minutes of Meeting 19 May 2018

Members Present: Felipe Davila, Sr., Robert Suzuki, Bill Gledhill, Richard Mayeda, Bruce Mehringer, Felx Charfroros, James McNulty, Natividad Osuna, Jr. Michael McIntosh, Gary Johnson, Art Nichols and Chuck Newport.

1. Called to order at 1300 hours; Pledge and Roll Call conducted. (Nichols)

2. Minutes from 19 March 2018 read and approved. (McIntosh/Osuna)

3. Several new items were added to the agenda (See #12-14 below).

4. Health and Welfare: The deaths of BG George Mullenix, MSG John Garrett and MSG Gene Watson (3rd Bde) were reported. It was noted that requests for a National Guard Honor Guard for funerals can only be made by the family or the mortuary.

5. Membership Report: 73 Life, 19 Annual and 10 Honorary = 102 Total. McIntosh made updated rosters available.

6. Treasurer’s Report: Checking- $3516.81; Savings- $25.89; Special savings $9018.26. There were no claims or donations. (Mayeda).

7. Report on Scott’s Ranch Weekend. With nine attendees everyone got a lot of range time. Most target mounts had been reconstructed and several soft metal targets added. With a couple notable exceptions, the new targets were generally safe. This was the tenth annual shoot out and great time. Again, our thanks to the host, Wayne Scott.

8. Order of St. Joan d’ Arc Presentation plans. Johnson described the brief ceremony to be conducted at the BBQ/ Reunion on 4 August. The physical awards are on hand.

9. Monitoring of the M5 Tank at Garden of Memories (GOM). McIntosh will contact the City of Salinas to secure the most recent maintenance report on the WWII tank at the GOM.

10.   Cleaning the Bataan Plaque at GOM. Cleaning the brass plaque containing the names of the Co C/194th Tank Battalion (Bataan) soldiers was identified as a task we have yet to address. Osuna volunteered to take charge of that mission. (Osuna is also heading the flag placement exercise on Memorial Day as a member of the American Legion.)

11.  Annual BBQ/Reunion, 4 August 2018. McIntosh reported he will prepare the flyer. Coordination for use of the armory has been arranged.

12.  National Guard at Santa Cruz. MAJ Teel of 340th BSB confirmed a new unit is programmed to occupy the Santa Cruz armory soon, with restoration work there beginning this summer.

13.  Newport offered the opinion that the letterhead of the regiment needs updating and invited ideas from any member. 

14.  Individuals iin photo identified. Dave Brock has sent a photo taken for an article on the FMC Armored Gun System (c.1998). Our collective memory identified Doug Krelle, Lee Harner and LTC Mentor next to an M1 tank.

15. Regimental Signage. Suzuki volunteered to reconstruct the 4x4 frame to the exterior regimental sign.

16.  Next gathering will be a Cleaning,/Meeting session; 21 July 2018, 1100-1400hrs, this location.  McNulty and Mayeda will provide lunch!

17. Adjourned 1401 hours by Nichols.