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Minutes of Meeting on 15 September 2018

1. Members Present: Clifford Pitchford, Felix Charfauros, Emil Trinidad, D.C. Washington, Felipe Davila Sr., Art Nichols, Bill Clark and Chuck Newport.

2. The meeting was called to order at 1314 hrs; the Pledge and Roll Call conducted.

3. The Minutes from 21 July 2018 were read and corrected as follows: Membership was 101, not 102.; Treasurer’s Report corrected amounts $23.89 to $25.89 and $9,018.56 to $9,018.86. Minutes approved as corrected.

4. Health and Welfare: Pitchford  reported on his heart attack (two days in hospital); David Bentley is out of hospital.

5. Treasurer’s Report: A donation was received from the Normandy Anne Rose Trust of $1,000 “for the museum project”. Balances: Savings - $25.99, checking - $5689.67 and Special $9,018.86. 

6. Monitoring Tank Maintenance: No up date.

7. After Action Report on the 11th Annual BBQ (August 4th): McIntosh provided a complete written report. There were 82 in attendance. (Report attached). An article from the Salinas Californian reporting on the Regiment and the awarding of the Order of St. Joan was circulated to those present (copy attached).

8. Joe Moreno’s donation. The items are being stored off site until a proper display can be secured. 

9. Discussion of our communication pattern. 

10. Heritage status of old armory building (Monterey and Alisal). Connie Fields has provided a one-page fact sheet and chronology of the building. It was noted no effort presently exists to put the building under historical preservation. (copy attached).

11. Securing key access. Bill Clark volunteered to look into the issue with SSG Arosco to determined the required paperwork.

12. Adjourned 1420hrs. Next meeting: 17Nov2018, 1300hrs at this location.